Native American Pottery

Geronimo Springs Museum Pottery Exhibit

The Geronimo Springs Museum pottery exhibit features: Mogollon-Mimbres Decorated/White Ware; Chaco-Cibola White Ware; Roosevelt Red (Salado Polychrome) Ware; White Mountain Red Ware; El Paso Brown- Polychrome Ware: Mogollon Brown Ware; Mogollon Red Ware; Anasazi Whiteware; Casa Grandes Decorated or Polychrome Ware and Historic pottery. The heart of the Geronimo Springs Museum is the Mimbres Classic Black-on-white pottery. The Mimbres Classic Black -on-white was defined by Cosgrove and Cosgrove in 1932. Our Mimbres pottery has been studied by universities and professional archaeologist from around the county. Come visit the Geronimo Springs Museum collection of over 200 prehistoric pottery vessels on exhibit.

Geronimo Springs Museum Pottery Collection